Zwickl 1409

  • ALC: 5,1 % % vol.
  • Original wort: 12,5 %
  • Colour: cloudy, light honey colour
  • Aroma: slight malt aroma with fresh yeast note
  • Flavour: mildly sweet with a velvety bitter hops flavour

The bright honey colour, its delicate yeast clouding and a firm, fine-pored head in pure white makes for an impressive traditional cloudy Zwickel beer. Soft malt aromas, set through with flowery hop tones, provide for the perfect drink pleasure. By the way, this unfiltered and natural beer speciality is filled directly from the storage tank. The full and soft body is very pleasing given its balance of mild sweetness and velvety bitter hops flavour. This beer speciality is filled unfiltered and unprocessed directly from the storage tank after a long cold storage period. The name “Zwickel” comes from “Zwickelhahn” the sampling tap used by the master brewer to take beer samples from the storage tanks when testing for quality and degree of maturation.

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