Rewarding slowness

Slow Brewing is a quality seal that we have been permitted to display since 2013. The seal is a very special accolade that is awarded to very few breweries. It is awarded on the basis of stringent criteria.

The quality seal is awarded by the Slow Brewing Institute, an independent body that works in accordance with strict scientific criteria. It awarded us the quality seal after a stringent examination during which our Schweiger beer and the entire brewery was examined. This involved the testing and assessment not only of the outstanding flavour but of the entire production process and even management at the brewery.

Slow Brewing stands for a value-oriented brewing culture, variety, having local roots and the authenticity of the products. Responsible farming in addition to the careful treatment of nature are important characteristics for the Institute. At Schweiger, we are particularly committed to these values. Therefore, it was no surprise that we were one of the first breweries in Bavaria to be awarded the quality seal, which is an affirmation of the work of us Schweigers and of all our employees and makes us extremely proud.

And, how do you, the customer, benefit from this? It’s best to have a look for yourself by trying a freshly pulled Helles or a cool Schmankerl Weißbier! Cheers!

There are four main values that define Slow Brewing