Quality is our tradition

The Grimm brothers couldn’t have written it better.
There was once a young miller who had to leave his father’s mill as it was to be left to his older brother. He set up an agricultural store selling grain and animal feed. One day as he watched a beer brewer at work, he thought quietly to himself: You could do that too! So, he set about doing exactly that, bought the brew kettle from the brewer and began boiling beer in 1934.

The young man was Ludwig Schweiger who was born in 1896 as the second son at Hanselmühle in Markt Schwaben. He bought the brew kettle from Wimmer-Bräu brewery in Altenerding.

Ludwig Schweiger supplied homes and farms from his agricultural store long before other breweries followed suit. And, the farmers were quite happy to buy their beer from the store where they bought their grain and animal feed.

We are one of the last remaining breweries to have our own maltings. When ours was set up in 1963, other breweries were starting to close theirs.

The brewery that Ludwig Schweiger set up back then would actually be referred to as a craft beer brewery today.

As can be seen, Privatbrauerei Schweiger has always gone its own way. And, the current company owners Erich, Ludwig and Siegfried Schweiger, now in the third and fourth generation, wish to continue in this way.