We do the malting here ourselves.

Malting is inseparable from brewing. We are committed to this tradition at Schweiger. In our own maltings, we create exactly the right malt to meet our stringent quality demands and whatever malt is needed for our beer specialities.

Brewer’s barley from our native country

Barley from Upper Bavaria is used to create our malt and we have it grown in areas that are in close proximity to the brewery. Sustainability based on the use of local produce has long been a tradition at Privatbrauerei Schweiger. Therefore it is an important matter for us to collaborate closely and trusty with our local farmers and encourage the growing of traditional cereals.

For a delicate taste: our hops

The hops provide for a bitter taste and are also a natural preservative for the beer. One of the best known hop-growing regions in the world is Hallertau, near Munich, which is therefore also near us. It is where traditionally the best top-quality brewing hops are grown. They are used in our beers as are Tettnanger hops. As with our brewer’s barley, working together with our hop growers is a personal matter.

Try it for yourself: you can taste it. Cheers!

Water from Ebersberger Forest

Fresh, clear brewing water drawn from a deep well in Ebersberger Forest is a basic ingredient for Schweiger beers. All the better that it springs from our very own deep well. The water is of such outstanding quality that we use it not only for our beers but also for our own-brand mineral water, Silenca.

Speaking of purity: The Bavarian Beer Purity Law of 1516 is very close to our hearts. Our beer specialities are produced using brewing water from our own deep well, malt from our own maltings, hops from the nearby hop-growing regions and yeast from our own pure cultivation. We are very particular. We consider the Bavarian art of brewing and the protection of the Beer Purity Law to be inextricably linked.

Even within the limits of the Bavarian Beer Purity Law of 1516 it’s possible to let your brewing imagination run free and to brew exciting new beers – if you can! In our brewery lab we demonstrate what’s possible.