• ALC: 5,3 % vol.
  • Original wort: 12,6 %
  • Colour: cloudy and golden
  • Aroma: flowery, fruity lemon note
  • Flavour: full-bodied with flowery hop tones

Schweiger Aurum, the first beer speciality from our brewery lab. Produced using a special process and a lot of time and craftsmanship. Our cloudy cellar beer is double refined by “cold hopping” or “dry hopping” in the storage tank at 0 °C with a further addition of aromatic hops. We use “Cascade” hops for Aurum, a type of hop originating from America, that is grown specially for us in Halletau, in Germany. As a result, our Aurum has a distinct fruity and flowery aroma with citrus notes and an elegant, subtle bitter flavour.

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NO, too young