Natur Radler

  • ALC: 2,4 % vol.
  • Colour: cloudy
  • Aroma: distinct, fruity lemon note
  • Flavour: tangy, acidic with a distinct lemon aroma

Privatbrauerei Schweiger has launched a new and tasty product just in time for the start of the new beer garden season: the Natur Radler. This cloudy Radler consists of 50 percent Schweiger Helles Export and 50 percent cloudy SILENCA Citronenlimonade. Pure lemon juice gives the Natur Radler the subtle cloudiness and a refreshing, acidic flavour. Schweiger Natur Radler is the perfect thirst quencher for balmy summer evenings in Bavarian beer gardens or for fun BBQs at home.

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NO, too young