Natur Russ

  • ALC: 2,6 % vol.
  • Colour: cloudy
  • Aroma: distinct, fruity lemon note with subtle wheat beer aroma
  • Flavour: tangy, acidic with a distinct lemon aroma

A “Russ” is a mixture of wheat beer and lemonade. A beer mixture that is popular particularly in the summer, it is refreshing and an ideal start to the evening once work is done, due to its low alcohol content. Privatbrauerei Schweiger was inspired by the idea and fiddled about on a new creation. The result is a cloudy beer mixture consisting of 50 percent Original Schmankerl Weiße and 50 percent cloudy lemonade that is made with natural lemon juice. As regards the aroma profile, the sweetness of the wheat beer is balanced harmoniously with the refreshing acidity of the lemonade, promising enjoyment all round.

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NO, too young